Sales Systems Bible

Janet has written a unique training manual with selling styles she has experienced from selling real estate,  insurance and earlier modelling days. Before real estate and in her early 20’s Janet was number one sales person in Australia for an insurance company and went on to lead a team that also became number one. Insurance taught Janet how to do all aspects of selling including prospecting, getting referrals and how to set up and use a presentation folder but most of all how to set up and use a sales system.

Assisted by an E-Myth consultant for years in the 90′s in her Real Estate Agency, Janet discovered how to write and implement simple sales systems working with the subconscious and conscious mind.  Once Janet understood how systems improved a sales person’s activity, she became obsessed with writing, training and implementing these systems.

Janet has written 13 workbooks which all reveal how to capture the essence of true salesmanship through different aspects of the sales presentation. As well as simple sales systems Janet features ‘The Spirit of Leadership,’ ‘Wild Horse Sales Seminar for Business’ and ‘SOS Deportment for Sassy Sales Girls’ which support a healthy team environoment and improve the culture in any company.

All Janet’s workbooks are ‘how to’ books with scripts and easy to follow steps on how to sell which support sales people to improve sales systematically.

Janet’s expertise and life journey is helping to empower people to be the best they can be.


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