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‘This workshop is cutting edge and will move business people ahead both individually and as a team. Janet utilizes the horses to reveal leadership qualities required to success in business.  The horses help to expose real fears and anxieties people have in life, not just in the round yard, but also revealing the leadership ability of each individual.’

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The Wild Horse Sales and Leadership Workshop for Business is designed to help people understand talk, body and energy language by engaging their intuition and animal instincts.  This improves universal communication and helps people to engage in healthy business relationships while making sales with positive and clear communication.

In this workshop you will comprehend how to use talk, body and energy language to apply a balance of pressure and energy during your sales presentation and give strong direction to your clients.

Horses have a natural flight energy which means if they became scared they will run away.  Buyers have a similar instinct.  Most of them would rather keep away from a sales person than be confronted with questions, emotions and have to make decisions.

What we will learn from this exercise is more about our own personal presence and habits in life that we may not be aware of and how to strengthen the ones we do know about.  The horses help us to understand ourselves more and improve our sales and people skills.


The spirit of the horse has so much to offer:

*  animal instincts   (talk, body, energy language)

*  overcoming fears   (fight or flight)

*  healing   (creating peace in you)

* teamwork   (becoming one from two)

*  leadership skills   (herd mentality)


Choose from the following options:

–   One on one personalized session for minimum 1 hour, 1 to 2 people, choose your date

  – Team Building Workshop for your Company, up to 10 people, 3 hours, choose your date

–  Join in a Group Workshop, up to 10 people, See Events for the next date



 contact Janet at 0418 743 732 or janet@primescienceofselling.com

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Feel the EnergyRaw Training Shed, Eumundi


TESTIMONIAL:    I have attended Janet’s “Wild Horse Workshop for Business’ several times and it has been the most incredible workshop I have ever attended. Janet has a deep understanding of human body language and energy. Her own business success and life experience has translated into content that is tried, tested and so very relevant to what is needed to excel today. I was so inspired by the exciting “hands on” work with her amazing horses which taught me so much about the importance of communication, body language, emotional intelligence and the need to learn how to manage our state in our daily business and personal interactions. The group participation was so fun and engaging – many lessons were learned from each other. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone to do individually or with their entire team… I have done both.


Director of Provision Wealth Management


Body language is the way we communicate with our bodies, an ancient language

Sales tools such as a presentation folder, brochures, price lists and anything else that is revealed in a sales presentation is also an extension of communicating using body language.

The language of the body also reveals itself in the way we dress, the colours we wear and the overall presentation of ourselves.  From the clothes we wear to our makeup and hairstyle, we are speaking to our customers and revealing more than we know.

It is amazing how many people do not understand and communicate using body language as so much can be learned from each other by including this habit into daily life.

On the other hand by understanding and utilising body language then you can have the upper hand in business as this ancient language is your secret weapon to helping more people buy your product today.

Through improving our body language skills we can become better leaders and give our customers a positive experience when buying our product.

Understanding and using body language in daily sales life means we can use our knowledge to build stronger relationships with our customers.  More trust and confidence can be installed into your customers by simply using your body to communicate.  With the support of the other languages, talk and energy language, and utilizing your body language correctly will help the customer to relax and enjoy the journey of making a decision to buy.

Amazingly though, even if we are with a customer who does not know about body language, their subconscious is still working hard and the sales person is judged nonetheless.  The customer will have a feeling about the sales person which can be called their intuition but not necessarily knowing they are reading body language.

So you see how body language flows onto energy language.  Read on to reveal an ancient language, and mostly forgotten language in today’s business world, energy language.