About Simple Sales Systems

For Business Owners

Most business owners work in their business and they are their business. Take the owner out of the business and what do you have. In most cases, there is not much of a business left without the owner. So the owner has bought himself a job where he is usually the owner, sales person, sales manager and usually many other roles such as accounts manager and recruiting officer.

Systems help the owner to remove himself from being in the business which leaves more time to work on the business to find ways to improve profits. Most owners think this is not possible and that they are irreplaceable. Not. With scripts and accurate documentation, accountability and system performance measures every role in the company can be duplicated and improved.

For Sales People

How many people do you know in sales who make the same income every year, year after year, even ten or more years later? Most sales people would be in this category. It is possible to increase your income every year by analyzing what you do, documenting it and improving everything by 1% to double, even triple your annual income. This procedure is not difficult but needs to be kept simple to be effective.

Prime Science of Selling focuses on implementing one new sales system every month to dramatically improve profit margins for both the business owner and the sales people.

Because it is easy to add one simple sales system each month and does not take a lot of time, Prime Science of Selling can support all sales people and business owners to eliminate problems that repeat themselves regularly. These grey areas can cause problems within sales teams and turnover of sales staff. By implementing simple sales systems businesses will reinforce a positive team environment.

Prime has identified the key parts of a sales presentation and fully systemized this procedure from the first qualifying question asked to the body language in the final sit down close for any sales business.

Add one system per month to your business to triple your sales!

Start with the  ‘How to present your Product Workshop’  which will give you your first sales system:

Talk, Body, Energy Language / Meet and Greet / How to Present your Product / Features and Benefits / Storytelling / Qualifying and Asking Questions / How to overcome objections / How to Close your Buyer  / Referrals


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