One Brave Man’s Cancer Journey

My Father, my Hero…

Prostrate cancer, one of the biggest killers of our men in Australia, it’s 2001 and my Dad has two months to live, prostrate cancer.  What a journey for him, his family and friends.  Dad, Jim, was in the railways all his life, a devoted family man and wife to Mum, Gay, he is my hero and, I believe, not just mine.

When Dad was diagnosed he was feeling vulnerable of course, as anyone would, but the thought of leaving Mum and not being there was the biggest reason for him to stay alive and get healthy.  It was the first time I saw my Dad open his heart absolutely fully to the universe for support and guidance to ensure he made it through this journey with minimal drama.  Dad is not one to bring attention to himself, always the one who is thinking of the other person.  His kind, loving and generous nature is alive and he is the most unselfish person I know.

Ok, so this my story, so alot of gaps, as Dad is the one who has the whole story.  I wanted to write this to show my love, respect and admiration of my Father and also to help and support other cancer sufferers , their families and friends.  I know if is sometimes hard for men to open up their feelings, hearts and let people help.  It is especially hard for some men to speak about how they feel with fear of showing too much emotion.

Two months to live….16 years ago, it is now 2018.  How did he live, what did he do, how did he heal his cancer?  This story will have you asking alot of questions around the ‘system’ of cancer in the medical profession and also look outside the norm and look inside of you and tap into your intuition, trust yourself,your feelings, your emotions and trust that the universe will send you the right people to support you through your journey.


Work in progress so watch this space……








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