REFLEXOLOGY the Gift of Touch

… Radiation, self harm or not.

The second time I was diagnosed with breast cancer was also the time when my father was diagnosed with prostrate cancer, so my family were a little distressed, to say the least.  The Doctors suggested radiation was the only answer at this stage.  I did not believe in my heart that I wanted to self harm through radiation but the fear put into me and my family at such a vulnerable time was too strong to resist. With little knowledge of radiation and just surrounding myself by supposed health experts at the hospital we were led in the direction of self harm or radiation as they called it.   ‘Have radiation or maybe die’ was the message from the Doctors.  By the way you will see at the end of the story that the breast cancer came back a third time in the same area that was radiated, so did it work?  Not on me, and only caused my body harm and future problems.

I just could not do it, on purpose radiate my body, but my family were in fear of me not having radiation.  I still could not do it, the Doctors were putting urgency around this and I was supposed to make a decision to have it done quickly. as they said it was spreading fast.  Still not able to self harm, I decided to go to our beach house in Auckland and put the radiation off for 3 months to meditate, do yoga on the beach and find the right decision for me.  At the end of the day, I decided to have the radiation for my family but the message from my little holiday at the beach to myself that came to me was that whether I had radiation or not it would not shorten my life, so if it meant my family would relax around this then it was worth it.  It did,though leave everlasting marks and sensitive areas on my feet and my breast area and tattoos that I will forever have and remember the cancer when I look at them.  This is my radiation story and by listening to my body I am learning every day, to be in tune and learn from the conversations I have from within.  I wish I had someone to speak that had experience so this is why I am sharing me stories.  I hope it helps you.

Walking into the Wesley Hospital, Auckenflower in Brisbane every day for 5 weeks to receive radiation was a lesson in harming my body.   The cancer was in my right breast and it was my right foot that I could not walk on.   Every morning I would walk in and had to limp out.  This was weird and my Mother was often carrying my bag to the car after radiation, while I hobbled.

The Truth about Reflexology

Years later,I discovered the truth about my sore right foot, it came to me at the Eumundi Markets, Noosa Hinterland, the reflexology tent of massage people.  When I was being massaged on my right foot on the front area of my foot it was very painful, just like when I would limp out of the hospital after radiation on my right foot.  The reflexologist explained to me that it was the breast area of my right foot that was reflective of my right breast that had been damaged.

In 2004 horses came into my life and I started riding alot.  The strange thing was that the right foot that sits on the stirrups when horse riding was and is today so tender, it hurts when pressure is put in that area.  I still ride today and the right foot still hurts when I am riding my horses.

I struggle to wear high healed shoes now because of the radiation and the effects that it had had on my feet.

After discovering the power of reflexology I love feeling people’s feet as it tells a story about that person, their back pains, stomach problems, headaches and anything else that people complain about, even any accidents such as broken backs etc.  It is the most amazing connection I have found with how the body is one and everything links to everything.

For many years my Father and I practiced massage on each other to heal our cancers and try to understand the messages that we are sent from our body.  Dad has healed his prostrate cancer and bone cancer after being told he has two months to live over 14 years ago.  My family and friends have been subject to me asking them to give me their feet so I can feel what their body is telling me.  My passion and love of feeling, massaging, nurturing and healing people through their feet is an unusual thing to do but for some reason I totally believe in it and the stories people’s feet give me are so helpful in them understanding their own bodies.

I now practice reflexology and offer it at my bed and breakfast, Eumundi Mountain Retreat, to my guests and anyone else who wants their feet and body and spirit nurtured.  Who would have thought, I love feet, and sooo believe in the healing benefits that reflexology massage brings.

Let me know if you would like me to nurture you, 0418 743 732 or just talk about my journey and yours…    Love Always, Janet


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